#3 – We Discuss our Experience with the Sony PSVR, SimpsonsVR and 3D Scanning Your Body – November 2016

Ragz & Kirk discuss their experience with the Sony , SimpsonsVR, 3D scanning your body and other topics.

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Links discussed in show

  • PSVRCall of Duty – Discussed the build of the headset and how tracking works.
  • Atari Modal – Discussed ideas on how enterprise might work in the future.
  • Microsoft VR headsets – Talked about how mass adoption of might occur due to Microsoft launching support for headsets.
  • Google Tango – Sneaked this topic into the agenda.  I blow Ragz mind.
  • Simpsons Friends and Family VR episode & Cardboard experience – Discussed out thoughts on 360 experience as well as comments on the episode
  • 3D wolfprint – 3D scan your body for use within VR.
  • Kirk asks Ragz who he would rather be? An avatar or his own lifelike self in VR.

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